Brooke Wells

My favorite hobby is Crossfit, during this project, I was lucky enough to be able to mix my hobby and my creativity in my videography. In this particular video project, I captured Brooke Wells, a famous CrossFit athlete. My cinematography style when producing this video involved capturing high-quality shots using the highest quality camera equipment, an 8k red weapon camera, and my ronin 2 stabilizer. What made this project unique is that when shooting a subject such as an athlete, you must keep up with them. This required me to move fast and shoot quick. My lighting choices for this video shoot involved hanging two 400 jokers in the ceiling, one mole light in the left corner edge which allowed me to gain the most beautiful lighting. To add the finishing dramatic touches, we used a hazer. I was able to create a beautiful realistic video by shooting Brooke Wells during her typical comp training.

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