Brainerd Chemicals

I wanted to share a recent project I was hired to produce. The goal of this project was to produce video content and high quality photography simultaneously. The approach was to shoot video of dynamic environmental portraits and working shots of all their blue collar employees in 8k at 60 frames a second with my Red Weapon camera handheld. For lighting, I used a Skypanel S60 with two LED Panels V mount. We started the first week in the Tulsa Oklahoma office and Tulsa Manufacturing office. The 2nd week we Tuttle, Oklahoma City and Flew to Dunn North Carolina manufacturing facility. The 3rd week we captured video in Danville, Illinois. In the edit, I would take screengrabs of all the 8k footage I shot of each person. At the last minute, the client had requested for me to compile all the video assets to produce a 3:30 minute 60th-anniversary presentation for the client.